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Do you think you listen differently depending on the sex of the speaker?

Do you think you listen differently depending on the sex of the speaker?

Orchestras came to see this prejudice interfered in choosing the best musicians. {search: orchestral prejudice in hiring} In seeing this bias they looked for a way to mediate it. It is again a step in the right direction. And those who ask, take a giant step from ignoring or repressing these thoughts and questions.  Awareness is curative, at least in part, sometimes.

Still, though good work, this doesn’t solve the real challenge of learning to question inherited prejudice, in the face of new and increasing information, so we perceive a more accurate map of ‘reality’.

I recently did a seminar for a group of business leaders and there were four or five women in a group of 25. In my experience, that would be a higher percentage than usual, for that level of executives.

It struck me, perhaps this ratio reflects how we, individually as well as socially, value the masculine over the feminine. I wonder if you would concur, that though admittedly less so, this culture remains male dominant? And it seems more often women who have strong masculine sides tend to succeed in the business environment and beyond?

What matters is: how much do we actually hear the wisdom of the feminine? How present is it in the quest for solutions to the major challenges facing our world today? And what the feminine wisdom might envision? What quality of success it might offer us?

The American Constitution was drawn from a document written by an indigenous tribe.

          “The Iroquois most certainly did have a considerable influence on the drafting of our own        Constitution, and we present-day Americans owe them a very large debt.”


However there were two aspects that were not included. Decisions had to be considered in light of the effects into the future even unto the seventh generation, and the circle of grandmothers had veto power.

What are the implications of eliminating these two guides? What can we infer in our own listening to our total perception? How might we envision success as a business or a family or a nation if the two { masculine/feminine –  self/other – mind/body } were in balance? Or for instance, we were as concerned about the success of our society as that of our business, because when you stop and think about it, your business or family won’t do as well within a society that fails.

Instead of the seemingly opposite forces of masculine and feminine fighting, Aikido implies rather they might join in harmony. That’s how new life is created in the physical realm. Would that not be equally true in the realm of the spirt, thought and ideas?  Shouldn’t we be constanly seeking a greater and clearer wisdom that will inform our choices, regardless of our choices or mis-takes in the past.

Are we clear? I am not really talking about men and women here. Rather I am looking for ways to see the relationship of the masculine and feminine within each individual. Can we then extrapolate the implications on the individual to the creation of our society and world at large.

No matter your thoughts and opinions on the subject, and i’d love to hear them, don’t miss the learning opportunity to watch your reactivity around the topic.

It will inform of our next chat.