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Freedom: Listening is Power – Part I

I don’t know how many business teams I’ve worked with where the person in power thought everything was fine and the majority of the team thought there were serious dysfunctions.

When I’ve worked in family systems I see a similar dynamic. Whoever has the power seems to have a harder time listening to what everyone else has to say, as if power was knowledge or omnipotence. The same has been true in the political realm. I think leaders often get very confused here, to the detriment of everyone in the system and the society at large.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Everybody wants things to be better but nobody wants to change. Or perhaps it might be more accurate to point out they usually want some(every)one else to change. Human nature? If so can we learn anything from or about it that empowers our ability to ‘create a beautiful world’?

I always wondered what we lost or what we might have learned if the ‘civilized world’ had been more open to the knowledge of the indigenous cultures it encountered and in most case decimated. Always thought we might’ve grown a better society if the missionaries, just to take an obvious example of which there were many, had been as interested in what the other cultures knew, as they were in teaching what they thought was right. If they had been as interested in learning, as they were in pushing their ideas forward, if they been as open to wondering and questioning, as they were dogmatic and imposing what might be different?

When they burned the library in Sarajevo that had collected a world of wealth, what mindset drove that? I’d love to externalize it and make ‘them’ bad, but my sense is, we’re all like that to some degree. Again just a thought but if you really believe in the omnipotence of your God or beliefs, why the fear, why the violence, why the closed, fixed mindset?

Let’s translate this down to a more personal level. If, you’ve ever been shut down or worse shouted down in a conversation, by a ‘person in authority’, you probably have a sense of what I’m saying. So I’m questioning, it may be a cover over the fear that our beliefs, ideas or perceptions are not quite right that produces that kind of dogmatic imposition of our beliefs, and dis-respectful treatment of others, and their beliefs, often in the form of violence.

Courage (heart) would take a different road, don’t you think?

Part II to follow.

Listening to Our Inner Connection and Our Inter-connection

When you think you are listening to someone deepen your intention to receive the whole message, including aspects the sender may not be aware of or listening to. Listen to the whisperings of your own thoughts and feelings.

The attitude of listening to the unknown is an honoring of our connection to the universe. In that moment we recognize ourselves as an interconnected, inter- related, inter-penetrating field with all of creation. I refer to it as the unified field, and in that state, one, perhaps counter-intuitively, exudes and commands a different power than that of an isolated individual part.

The power of a unified state of presence would be true in a family or couple, true in a company or corporation and true in a country, culture or society.