Monthly Archives: July 2014

Perception and the Art of Value In a World of Change

Reality has shifted and our collective mindsets are, in my opinion, drifting behind the curve of the adjustments we need to make to function effectively in the present. It may be my struggle to adjust to the pace of change, but the feedback I get, tells me I’m not alone here. In perceiving reality it can be hard to differentiate between vision and memory’s projection, between  projection and insight.

The situation we face has changed dramatically in relation to the simple fact that the population has tripled in my lifetime. The curve, as they say, went vertical. This is exponential growth compared to only one hundred years ago. There’s never been another time in history that could even imagine that degree of growth, let alone see the reality of it. The implications of that change on all the systems and resources of the planet appears to have escaped most decision and policy makers. And population is only one of many factors and forces at play in what will be reality in a few years.

Negotiating the coming transitions , will require a new degree of creative intelligence. In commerce, education, art, belief, really all the ways in which we interact with each other and create our interdependent reality. Perception and the art of value will be key to what is successful and who is successful. Whether or not we can make our society successful as a whole not only of product but also of knowledge and innovation in thought, will depend on what we perceive and how we value the information we do perceive. That process is how we create the reality we perceive and with which we inter-act.

Attention is our most valuable resource. Attention is the most precious gift we have to offer and the most important commodity we have to invest. Evaluating whether something is worth our attention is the most essential choice we make. How we invest our attention will be the strongest influence we can have in our destiny, whether we will create a world of peace and prosperity or one of conflict and destruction.

Paying attention through intention rather than habit is, dare i say, the habit we want to create.