Monthly Archives: February 2015

Create Your Own Star Map

When you look up at a dark sky and all those stars, do you notice how you, probably almost without thinking about it, start looking for patterns you recognize? We almost unconsciously habitually seek out that which we know. Could you go out and start making up your own constellations? What is your response to that thought?  Imagine how other people might respond.

Just for fun, imagine what your star map might look like. Then imagine a slideshow of everyone on earth creating their own constellations and star maps and how different they might be. I can’t help but thinking what an interesting dialogue that might engender.

How might your thinking indeed your persona be different, if you had  been taught to look at the sky for yourself first?  And only then, once you have established your sky map bringing out the inner aspect of your nature you were then introduced to the societal version and allowed to harmonize them appropriately.

Imagine the solutions culture and society we might create out of that kind of awareness producing divine inspiration and ideas and responses, heretofore unknown and unseen. However, our infinite creativity that could be used, were we to balance our attraction or habituation to the known, with our curiosity and wonder about the unknown, is usually impeded by our proclivity to the known. We need both and in a ongoing dialogue.

Could you imagine how we might develop as individuals and as a society if our individual selves and our social selves were given the time, attention and support they need to understand and integrate with each other?

And although on one level it’s too late for most of us now, I still think we can do the exercise in our imagination as a thought exercise or thought experiment,  and I encourage you to try it a few times.

See what it produces? I think you’ll be surprised at the effect.

And what have you got to lose?