Monthly Archives: April 2015

Accessing the Force That Creates Your Life

The creative force, the aliveness or vitality of a human being is not necessarily visible or apparent to the naked eye. We may feel/sense it, but it is like the wind, which we ‘see’  through its effects on the trees. Similarly, if we look, it is possible to interpolate some creative force, through its effects on the creation of our life. We see consciousness or aliveness as it manifests our destiny. It is also our propensity to make up meaning about what these effects mean or imply. Some of it may be accurate, some not. All of it will be incomplete.

The creative force is ever present always functioning and we interact with it through what we think of or call intent, intention, attention. The focus of our attention is one of the subtlest, most abstract in its application, and powerful forces, in the creation and outcomes of our lives.

That’s why it’s so critically important that we develop our awareness of the unconscious creating that we are always doing. Only when attention and experience unite in “a constant state of growth and development”, is it possible to bring our creative force into a positive alignment with the totality of the universe, only then do we come into harmony with the energy of the universe itself.

The relationship of our personal self with the totality is accessed through the direct experience and quality of being, what I term ‘feeling where you are’. And the link and guiding connection is the breath.

Listening to the guidance of the impulse of the breath is the most direct connection with the primary force and power that is our life, at a level we can easily apprehend. Listening to the impulse to breathe is direct connection with what some might call spirit, others the creative force, by whatever name they learned. It is a hint of the aspect of being that goes beyond and overrides conscious thought. Connecting with the impulse to breathe, listening to it with an extraordinary attention produces a quality of creativity that you must experience to understand.

When you don’t have the time or focus to explore this study here’s what I might term an emergency measure. Try the simple exercise of just this one breath, all the way in all the way out, slow and easy.

Repeat as needed!