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Aikido: The Art of Peace?

How could practicing simulated attack and defense be called ‘The Art of Peace’? How could training this art create a one world family where everyone could live together in peace?

And if it does work:
Is the magic in the moves? Or is it in what you’re doing, while you’re doing the moves?



Poetry, Water & Dark Matter

This from a friend. What do you think?


This is a poem, …well to me it is. The rhyme is something you will have to discover yourself.

Water is a miracle. Consider first that it arrived on Earth a molecule at a time, delivered by fragments of asteroids and comets over billions of years, until there was enough of it to be what we experience now as oceans, and rivers and lakes and rain and clouds and the fog on the mirror in your bathroom when you come out of a hot shower.

We take it for granted but without it, we and most everything else would not be around. Science tells us our bodies are about 70 percent water. Keep that in mind.

When you look around at your world, you see living things and stuff, but you don’t usually think you are seeing mostly water. In that way, we might consider it the invisible part of all we see.

Until quite recently, science held a view of the Universe that comes from our intuitive observations of explosions. That is, stuff flies outward from the center of the explosion at great speed and eventually slows down and stops moving. Science thought the Universe and all its stuff did the same. The accepted view was that eventually all the galaxies and other stuff in the Universe would keep expanding while the rate of expansion became slower and slower until at some point it would stop. But then they decided to test that with measurements.

What they found was shocking.

First they found that all the stuff they could see, both with visible light and invisible light did not account for the movements and behaviors of galaxies. So they came up with the idea that there must be more matter than can be seen. They called this Dark Matter. That helped explain a bit more of what was being observed.

But then they measured the rate of expansion, expecting to discover how much it was slowing down, and expecting to predict when exactly it would stop.

Shocking again: It is not slowing down. In fact it is going faster and faster.

And, this could only mean one thing. There has to be some previously unimagined force that is the fuel or power for this increasing rate of expansion.

They named this, Dark Energy. It can’t be seen, nor otherwise detected, hence the name Dark. But it is everywhere, ever present and just doing ‘it’s thing’. It is only ‘noticed’ by the effect it produces.

And when they ‘do the math’ to calculate how much Dark Energy there must be to power the expansion of all the visible and invisible matter, it turns out to be about 70 percent of the Universe.

Does that rhyme for you? It does for me.