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Part III: Neural Energy and a Flexible Business Model

Whether your business is a commercial enterprise or fulfilling your bestowed mission in a more personal quest, where does the power come from that allows us to create intelligent solutions?

Let us change metaphors from voltage to dollars. Say it takes five bucks for some gas to run our car for the next little while or say five hundred if we include the insurance. It’s going to cost several thousand to buy a used car and at least fifteen or twenty k to buy a new car. But it could take fifty million to design and build something as yet un-invented. Connecting thoughts into new ideas requires energy. Creating thoughts that do not exist takes considerably more.

If we only have five bucks worth of energy we will end up running the old pattern. For several thousand we can try something we know but don’t use often. For 20 k we can learn a new idea or technique from someone who knows it. How much time and energy would it take to create a new idea or technique? What is the difference between being taught a set solution versus designing or innovating a new one for the exact situation that needs solving?

You get good at what you practice. We develop creativity just like we develop any skill, through study and practice. The practice must be designed to develop a unified field of awareness. If you learn, memorize and perfect a set move your ability to perform that move increases. If you study how to create moves then that ability increases. It takes intention, training and practice to make Whole Being Awareness a functional ability rather than a distant possibility or a random occurrence.

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Part II: Neural Energy: The Cost of Creativity / The Voltage Model

If you have two electrical poles and a copper wire running between them, the smallest charge in one pole will jump to the other one easily. To connect synapse that have a connection, where there is already a ‘wire’ or a pathway, one-volt might make that connection. In our model, say the voltage necessary to connect one synapse with another is one volt.

An electrical spark can jump between poles without an established connection. The quantity of energy required however is infinitely greater. To learn how to do something new, or to create a new pathway connecting synapse where no pathway exists takes infinitely greater energy.

To create a connection between two that do not have a pathway, it would take x volts, say a hundred. In other words, to create a new pathway requires a build up of a much higher charge of energy before the spark will jump.

If we want to create new pathways, we must have free energy to work with. If the voltage available to connect one synapse with another is one volt, by default, that limited amount of energy could only take a path that is already established. Meaning in a situation where only one volt of free energy is available, only a known answer can be accessed. Even if that technique doesn’t work, even if something different is needed, without more free energy new possibilities cannot be enabled or created.

If we only have one volt of free energy we are going to be stuck in what we know. We won’t have enough free energy be able to make new synaptic connections or to create new techniques and solutions. Without free energy we default down a known path, even if that path doesn’t go exactly where we want or make our business model successful.

Next Generation Business Model – Part I

I like to say, “Everyone thinks what they think is right;

if they didn’t, they’d just think something else.”

The operating system on a computer is fundamental to how software functions. It tells your computer what to do with data. The key codes do the same at a more fundamental level.

Your business model is much like the operating system on a computer It sets up how you structure every aspect of  your personal functioning and the functioning of your organization. In business the key codes are your beliefs about what business is and how it works.

Together these beliefs and assumptions tell you and your company how to make meaning of input. Once written you function according to the output of your data processing. In turn your strategy forms on those thoughts or meaning you make from the data points.

Would you run your computer with the first operating system that was written? Probably not, but if you don’t have the resources to buy a new one you might be stuck with out of date data processing. Most of us only see the output, what we think, a decision, business or personal, relational, or global.

But what is required to create new software or new thought? How can you grow beyond the read only phase of data processing that is so common with human thought and belief systems?.

The resource that allows you to develop new programs is what I call neural energy. It can be developed through awareness and what Albert Korzybski termed the thalamic pause. For its application to creating new ways of thinking see,

Or for a simple introduction to the idea see the earlier posting, Create your own Star Map.

Can you find new ways to understand success? That simple question if applied properly, that might be enough to change the world entirely.

Neural energy, creativity in business and re-defining success – coming soon.