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Responsibility: The Individual’s or the System’s?

Is it the individual or the system whether a country, a company, a team or a family?

 This from a financial advisor:


When More Than Half Have Less than $1,000

That issue is a lack of income (call it income inequality), highlighted by a new survey showing that the majority of Americans are essentially “broke.”

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The national survey, conducted by website MagnifyMoney, found that:

After spending money on holiday gifts, a majority of Americans are “broke.” 56.3% of people surveyed have less than $1,000 combined in their checking and savings account.



The theme was people are irresponsible and they need to change. Then to quote one counter response, ‘When 53% of the people are broke, the problem isn’t with individuals. There’s a problem with the system. As Hamlet once said, “Something’s rotten in Denmark.”


I’m guessing most would say communism is a failed system I wonder do you see capitalism as so. I say communism trashes the individual, and capitalism trashes the commons. OR as someone once said, “you’re just as half assed, whichever cheek you’ve got left.” I don’t want men in charge or women in charge. I want a creative dialogue that takes the best of both mind-sets

And yes the first step is in changing thinking but not to adapt to a system that doesn’t really work, but to design a system that does.


The advisor then says, “The solution to an individual’s problems must come from the individual. If that suggests a “cult of individualism,” then perhaps that cult is on to something.”

Yes and no! Too simplistic to say it nicely. Let me say it again,  You’re just as half-assed whichever cheek you have left. Let me put this in perspective,

Do we extrapolate from this?

We should never have fought the Germans – we should have let those irresponsible individuals in prison camps and those individual countries that fell to the Nazis solve their problems as individuals.

When the mafia extorts someone for protection is it really an individual problem?

And if you don’t see the problem with financial institutions, that in an effective prospering system, should be the essence of integrity, as policy – pushing people to buy when they’re selling short, for their personal gain at everyone else’s expense, you probably didn’t get this far.

It is documented, those people stole billions and caused society far larger problems, – probably putting what we call criminals too shame and leaving everyone who works for a living with less. And it goes on while those responsible for the fraud demonize effective regulation of that system; that’s larger than an individual problem!

When too many people work two jobs and can’t make enough while some make billions manipulating financials as mentioned above; It’s not exactly an individual problem.

When the system or society is out of sorts we need to work together to make it better. Success comes from both individual achievement and working together. That’s how a team wins or a society.

About our problems trying to live together, would those who blame gov’t, as if it were some entity out there, and ‘THE PROBLEM’ really like to live without one?

To quote our old friend, “It’s fuzzy math!”

Are people who want to put all the blame on gov’t advocating anarchy?

If not let’s think together not against. If we worked together, meaning disagreed constructively, to look for better ideas of how to share the planet, we might do better.

But I could be wrong maybe class (race, religious, ideological) war is the answer

IMHO the vitriol – addicted as we are to it, is way more the problem than the solution.


Maybe more importantly what is seemingly lost in this conversation is what do we owe to future generations? Or do we deplete the planets resources completely for individual profit until the world is a mad max scenario and then blame those who remain for their lack of initiative?

Something needs to change but let’s not jump to the simple lynch mob answers (left or right) attractive as they may be at moments. Let’s have a trial that truly seeks a greater truth. Lets continue talking until were all wiser. We need both our responsibility as individuals and to our society or I fear we’re headed to ‘hell in a hand basket’.


Just raising questions. My time is almost up on this beautiful wondrous and awesome planet. I sincerely wish you all the very best future.


And would love to hear what you think!