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Life runs on a continuum somewhere between the call of wonder, a conscious exploration into the vastness of the unknown and an unconscious habituated defense against the disturbance of eternal change. As those who do not learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them, creative learning is of the highest value.

Creativity would increase if it were the focus of training. The ability to manifest creativity, spontaneous generation, divine creation, is a skill that can be developed. If we do it, if we practice it, we get better and faster at it.

The Thalamic Discourses explores: ‘Creating Pathways of Thought’ that generate innovative solutions to the problems and challenges in every aspect of daily life and spiritual development and contemplates a way of perceiving, describing and developing, thought and creativity.


The Dragon

You had contact with it once. The protean energy, universal Ki, the divine force, was your original ‘imaginary’ playmate. We all start out as unformed potential. Children originally show an infinite creativity. Gradually we are weaned from the realm of unformed potential and bound to our culture’s accepted description of the world. Without realizing it, based on a description we absorb and repeat to ourselves, we lose touch with what is going on in our own experience. We act in a culturally prescribed manner and lose touch with our authenticity. We disconnect from the creative force. In the hurry of life we tend to forget there is a source let alone a process to reconnect.

No one is intentionally closed-minded. It happens unconsciously when we hold ourselves captive to our beliefs. All the struggles in the world are projections of the inner struggles we face. We absorb beliefs and generate descriptions and then, out of fear, we are forever condemned to defend them. The forces of creation are ineffable, yet people fight over the fact that they describe their experience of the divine differently.

Many do not know we are in this world to live in harmony.

Those who know this, 
do not fight against each other.

Those who do not know this, suffer.

Gautama Buddha

Rumi said, “Everyone who is calm and sensible is insane!”

When everyone around us supports our perception, how likely is it that we will look at how we have assembled the meaning we are living from? If we were taught the world is flat and everyone around us says it is, why should we question it? If everyone around us fights for resources or the opportunity to speak why should we think anything else would work? If everyone around us lives in contention and we are the only one suggesting another option, who looks crazy?

excerpted from –  The Thalamic Discourses –

Harmony in Creativity, Energy and Human Brain Function: The Thalamic Discourses

“Everyone who is calm and sensible is insane!”