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Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want!

Part I

You know the saying, ‘don’t get mad, get even’? IS that right? In that temperament how conscious are you? Will causing pain to another fulfill your life or simply increase the cycle of anger, violence and hatred? Can you ‘lose your temper’, and act strategically? Or are you a victim of reactivity, based on responses programmed into our genetics eons ago, one chemical stimulating other chemicals, stimulating feelings, impelling one to take actions without thinking things through?

If you’ve lost your temper, aren’t you directed by vitriol more than intellect?

With some levity I like to say vitriol seems to be the drug most abused in our society. People love it because the rush feels powerful. The Chinese recognized anger could produce the force to bite through. Yet, I would ask you, bite through to what, reacting or intense focus? Again, is the course of action you’re on, conscious strategy? Or do you find yourself reacting without thought, primarily because it satisfies the chemical directive?

Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want!

The sense of power, satisfaction, release, relief of your own internal chemistry can be seemingly achieved by projecting it out on others, but will it create the life that you’d like to live? Will it create the world you’d like to live in? Projecting our pain on hurting someone, might feel better at the moment, but it still uses the energy to negative outcome. Should you, would you rather focus your limited energy, time and attention on hurting someone for past deeds, or invest it in creating something that fulfills your life?

The rush or release of electro-biochemical energy at those moments, when we perceive ourselves to be under pressure, is biological. It’s natural. It is life. What shapes our destiny is how we make meaning at those moments, how we relate to life’s energy.

The directive, “Don’t get angry”, implies not being victim to the energy of an emotional rush. I fear, ‘don’t get angry’, is commonly misunderstood to mean resisting feeling what we feel. An attitude of resistance, stopping the energy, puts us in opposition to our life force and subsequently everything else. Let me suggest, a more intelligent path would be to use the energy to our benefit.

Learning to harmonize with the energy as an ally, work with it, use it positively, means instead of depleting resources in resistance, fighting with the world and ourselves, we can focus on creating a world or attitude we would like to live in.

Through harmony in music, the overtone series is enhanced. In life, harmony means, the energy, included rather than resisted, becomes a source of power. Then it creates possibilities, options, new understanding, vision.

Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want!

The ability to stay in touch with the life force, that activates you, and attune your temperament to utilize it in creating the life you want, produces the greatest leverage available to an individual. Everything else is downstream from that. Why waste your precious limited resources and drain your life force into creating bad for others, with the reciprocating echoes it creates? Instead wouldn’t you rather spend your vitality, your power, creating good for yourself, your family, your tribe, your community, your world?

Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want!