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Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want! Part II Tempering Your Temperament!

Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want! Part II

Tempering Your Temperament!: Finding Your Best Functioning Place:

‘Don’t lose your temper’, what does that mean exactly? Ever watch anyone lose their temper. You can’t watch yourself do it because ‘losing it’ implies losing the ability to see yourself in relation to your actions. The reptilian brain short circuits the conscious functions of the brain. In that state one makes choices at a reptilian level of thought. Our ability to make conscious choices, in Daniel Coleman’s term, is, ‘hijacked by our amygdala’. All the power and capability of the brain development that followed is lost. At least until you regain your temper.

In the day of the sword tempering metal was one of the highest arts. The Japanese sword makers were masters. If the sword is heated too much or cools too quickly, it becomes brittle. If it’s not heated enough or cooled too slowly it doesn’t harden. In which case, It either it won’t hold an edge or it will shatter when struck.

Our psyches, our souls, our natures have a similar resonance in that there exists a similar potential for developing an edge of consciousness that will cut through all the difficulties of the world. Incisive thought divines and creates the world that you live in. The meaning you make creates your life, even if seemingly gradually. It is in the power of your temperament to move your life in the direction and quality of being that you’d like to experience and that you like to share in the world.

Learning to temper your spirit, so that you have the strength and durability that you need without becoming brutal or insensitive, develops the power to focused on creating a beautiful world

Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even. Get What You Want!

The power of one’s ‘temper’ is the ability to hold in one field of consciousness the highest functions of cognition and the power of our emotional intelligence, working together to create the cutting edge of the sword of wisdom.

Your energy and your attention and their quality of focus are the most powerful resources you have. They enable you to perceive, think and take action. Are you conscious of how you use your power, how you focus your energy and attention (make meaning) and the quality of temperament out of which you take action? If your energy goes into anger or paying back past wrongs, then since your energy is focused on what you don’t want, that’s what you create. Have you ever spent your money on something, only to realize afterwards, it was a purchase you wish you had not have made? If there was something else you wanted more, how do you stay focused on what you want, rather than trinkets or baubles? How do you envision creating the world you’d like to live in, rather than being caught in the negative eddies and pools that distract you from it?

The shift depends on the interrelationship of an individual to their environment. In the larger picture, the degree of investment in defense in the nation reflects the defensiveness of the individuals. Too often the reptilian brain is spending our precious resources instead of the creation of what we want.

Don’t get mad. Don’t EVEN get even.

‘Create a Beautiful World’


just a footnote

looking towards the origin of the word thought you might find some value in defining the concept


ˈtempər/noun: temper

  1. 1.

a person’s state of mind seen in terms of their being angry or calm.

“he rushed out in a very bad temper”

  • a tendency to become angry easily.

“I know my temper gets the better of me at times”

synonyms: angerfuryrageannoyancevexationirritationirritabilityill humorspleenpique,petulance, testiness, tetchiness, touchiness, crabbiness; More
  • an angry state of mind.

“Drew had walked out in a temper

synonyms: fit of rage, ragefury, fit of pique, tantrumbad moodmoodsulkhuff; More
  1. 2.

the degree of hardness and elasticity in steel or other metal.

“the blade rapidly heats up and the metal loses its temper”


verb: temper; 3rd person present: tempers; past tense: tempered; past participle: tempered; gerund or present participle: tempering

  1. 1.

improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.

  • improve the consistency or resiliency of (a substance) by heating it or adding particular substances to it.
synonyms: hardenstrengthentoughenfortifyanneal

“the steel is tempered by heat”

  1. 2.

serve as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something).

“their idealism is tempered with realism”

synonyms: moderatemodifymodulatemitigatealleviatereduceweakenlightensoften

“their idealism is tempered with realism”

  1. 3.

tune (a piano or other instrument) so as to adjust the note intervals correctly.



Old English temprian ‘bring something into the required condition by mixing it with something else,’ from Latin temperare ‘mingle, restrain oneself.’ Sense development was probably influenced by Old Frenchtemprer ‘to temper, moderate.’ The noun originally denoted a proportionate mixture of elements or qualities, also the combination of the four bodily humors, believed in medieval times to be the basis of temperament, hence sense 1 of the noun (late Middle English). Compare with temperament.




Simple Definition of temper

  • :to make (something) less severe or extreme
  • :to cause (something, such as steel or glass) to become hard or strong by heating it and cooling it

Full Definition of temper




  1. 1: to dilute, qualify, or soften by the addition or influence of something else :  moderate<temper justice with mercy>
  2. 2archaica:  to exercise control over :  governrestrainb :  to cause to be well disposed :  mollify <tempered and reconciled them both — Richard Steele>
  3. 3: to bring to a suitable state by mixing in or adding a usually liquid ingredient: asa :  to mix (clay) with water or a modifier (as grog) and knead to a uniform textureb :  to mix oil with (colors) in making paint ready for use
  4. 4a(1) :  to soften (as hardened steel or cast iron) by reheating at a lower temperature (2) :  to harden (as steel) by reheating and cooling in oilb :  to anneal or toughen (glass) by a process of gradually heating and cooling
  5. 5: to make stronger and more resilient through hardship :  toughen <troops tempered in battle>
  6. 6a:  to put in tune with something :  attuneb :  to adjust the pitch of (a note, chord, or instrument) to a temperament

Harmony is in its own way intelligence.

When you’re in harmony with yourself, when you are your natural self, your systems naturally counterbalance each other producing a balanced system, being or person.

When you’re out of balance, when you’re out of sorts with yourself, when your forces are struggling with each other rather than working together, it’s like applying the accelerator and brake at the same time.

When your body tightens up in a struggle between its internal forces, range of motion diminishes, power of motion diminishes, breathing and the absorption of oxygen diminishes. The system functions less intelligently, less effectively, when it’s out of harmony.

When you’re ‘up tight, ‘out of sorts’, ‘having a bad day’, when you go, ‘deer in the headlights’ it not only wastes energy, it drains your spirit. Without your spiritual power it is difficult to think. Creativity seemingly dries up. This ‘inner-confusion’ can cause stuttering in speech and action, to the point of a complete inability to speak what you mean, or do what you intend.

Often when people try harder they tighten up or tighten down. They try and force themselves to be something more than they are and they get worse. Champions, on their ‘good days’ are relaxed, or in a flow. Maybe because they know they are champion,s they can just do their best, without overreaching, without the inner struggle draining their excellence.

Competition can push us to dis-ease because we think we should be something more. We live to an ‘outer based’ image, rather than focusing on learning who and what we ‘truly’ are.

In a natural state of being, relaxing into who and what you truly are, develops trust and confidence in the oneness with the universe. The power of harmony, non-resistance allows everything forced fall to away, until something more original and in that sense truer, shows through.

Bringing that truth to a full expression is the essence of the art and its practice.

“Create a beautiful world”