No, Really! Let’s Talk About it!

A large company found varying levels of productivity in different locations. They found that the employees in the productive areas felt happy and the unproductive locations the opposite. Turned out, the productive employees felt more compensated, and the unproductive employees felt underpaid. Since the employees were paid virtually the same, something else was causing the perception, that the level of compensation, was or was not enough.

Very consistently in the locations where the people were happy and productive, they felt that they had open, clear, two-way communication with their bosses. And where unproductive, the people felt that they could not speak openly, did not have an open dialogue, or that the bosses did not listen to them when they did speak. I’m going to extrapolate that this distinction applies equally to the happiness of families and fulfillment in personal relationships.

I invite you to notice and calibrate, what is true for you here. What quality of communication do you perceive you have, with the person you report to, then with the people who report to you, with your friends and family? How comfortable do you imagine you would be having a conversation, asking if they feel they have open communication with you? Would they be honest if asked? Or are you and your culture prone to ‘work around’ these kinds of problems?

Perhaps you think your culture is honest and open, let me ask, do you actually have these conversations? Indicatively, do you seek to improve the skills to make it possible? Mostly, are you creating a culture and thereby a company, a family, a society, that values honesty and openness? Do you want to?


If not you, who?

If not now, when?