Dealing with ‘Unusual Attitudes’ Part I


Aeronautics uses the term ‘attitudes’ to describe a plane’s orientation to flight. The study and practice of dealing with ‘unusual attitudes’ is part of training as a pilot. It has useful parallels for piloting our lives.

One’s attitude towards other people’s attitudes, seeing unusual attitudes as a learning challenge, enhances the ability to handle the situations they perpetrate. Have you ever dealt with anyone whom you felt had an unusual attitude? Unusual enough, so that it was difficult to deal with? Difficult enough, so you might even have described them, as having a difficult attitude?

Reacting to unusual/difficult attitudes with unbridled frustration can lead to blaming others and disempowering one’s self. A shift in attitude, choosing to see challenge, leads to learning. This simple, but not necessarily easy ‘shift of attitude’ creates new abilities, possibilities, potentially a new world, certainly a different one.

Awareness or the lack thereof, is fundamental to whether we are ‘part of the solution or part of the problem’. This is true not only in our own life. It affects the lives of everyone, whose lives mix with ours.

O sensei said, “Aikido is not for correcting others. It is for correcting the discord in your own mind.”


Dealing with ‘Unusual Attitudes’ Part II – next week