Aikido Is

As much as i understand – the technique appears or forms out of the the harmony with the universal. O sensei left us technique as a path to trace our way back to the universal energy. i fear most people only see the techniques in the physical dimension and miss the the ‘essence’ of blending with the ‘neural energy’ into a universal harmony. So they repeat technique hoping the finer dimension will appear. yet, when it does, we have to be listening in a finer dimension. Perhaps the term ‘martial art’ is misleading when speaking about aikido though it can be either self development or self -defense or both depending on the interests of the practitioner.

I see it as a way to reconcile people to harmonious relationship so we can focus more on what we want and less on fighting, with ourselves and each other.

Of course the ‘tao’ that can be spoken is not the true ‘tao’.

At the same time:

“All these things are difficult to form into words. If a person gives a name to something and then holds fast to that name, he will miss the real meaning. Yet if no name is given, then he floats about in empty space and does not attain awareness.” Chozan Shissai – Master Swordsman, Japan 1728