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Extraordinary Listening: ‘A Vision’

A ‘Vision’

  1. The Context

What if we waged peace, as intensely as we wage war. What if all the time money energy and resources spent on war and conflict could have been used for art, education in commerce? Can you imagine the world that might’ve been created? Creating a world through the power of harmony, as individuals, families, companies, societies and globally, has been the focus of my life work.

The percentage of our national budget that goes to defense including the huge dollar amounts that are hidden, probably parallels the amount of our own energy and power that we use in defensiveness. I envision a world where our energies are used to make the world for everyone, into the creation of a life that you would like to live.

Fear breeds aggressiveness. Too often we cause conflict through misunderstanding. We react, unaware of what we are engendering. We project our fears and internal struggles externally, aggressively, and to a large degree unconsciously. Developing a finer dimension of awareness, greater skills and abilities in that domain, could transform the world that we create as individuals and in conjunction with others.

  1. The Work

Perhaps 90+% of your happiness or unhappiness and sense of success and fulfillment will revolve around the quality of your relationships to other people, whether they be clients, customers, students, teachers, friends or family.

Primarily, the quality of our life focuses around and reflects our interaction with others, a large degree of which is shaped by social context unless we intentionally make it a conscious process.

The quality of our relationships mirrors and comes out of the relationship we have with self. Understanding and influencing one’s quality of being is the key to the development of the world that we create as individuals and in conjunction with others. Our life grows out of our work on this primary relationship and expands to everything else.

Our mission: Extraordinary Listening is dedicated to exponentially increasing human wealth through the power of harmonious communication

Our goal: Extraordinary Listening provides the quintessential knowledge and skills that enable everyone on the planet to enhance the creation of peace, prosperity and creative human relations

Our vision: Extraordinary Listening contributes powerful educational technology for extraordinary effectiveness, enhancing creativity, synergy and productivity.