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No, Really! Let’s Talk About it!

A large company found varying levels of productivity in different locations. They found that the employees in the productive areas felt happy and the unproductive locations the opposite. Turned out, the productive employees felt more compensated, and the unproductive employees felt underpaid. Since the employees were paid virtually the same, something else was causing the perception, that the level of compensation, was or was not enough.

Very consistently in the locations where the people were happy and productive, they felt that they had open, clear, two-way communication with their bosses. And where unproductive, the people felt that they could not speak openly, did not have an open dialogue, or that the bosses did not listen to them when they did speak. I’m going to extrapolate that this distinction applies equally to the happiness of families and fulfillment in personal relationships.

I invite you to notice and calibrate, what is true for you here. What quality of communication do you perceive you have, with the person you report to, then with the people who report to you, with your friends and family? How comfortable do you imagine you would be having a conversation, asking if they feel they have open communication with you? Would they be honest if asked? Or are you and your culture prone to ‘work around’ these kinds of problems?

Perhaps you think your culture is honest and open, let me ask, do you actually have these conversations? Indicatively, do you seek to improve the skills to make it possible? Mostly, are you creating a culture and thereby a company, a family, a society, that values honesty and openness? Do you want to?


If not you, who?

If not now, when?

Listening is an act of intent!

In the 1990’s I worked in Cypress with the institute for multi-Track diplomacy and the Harvard Negotiation Project. The possibility of positive effect in the Cypress situation was somewhat hopeful, considering how difficult the problems. And most of the work, the issues being so hot, had to do with developing an open and honest communication process. David Bohm, in On Dialogue, spoke of ‘freedom from self, restrictive reservations and barriers – an active energy of listening.’

Teaching a process to allow communication, without people being so reactively defensive seemed to me the essence of the study to ‘create a beautiful world’. I think we all know this, but it became conscious for me first in Cypress, then in all the work I did.

The one thought I would most like to share with you, what I thought the whole thing pivoted on was – personal intent — the desire of each of us as individuals to move towards a better state of being, a more open or more coherent state of functioning. The knowledge of listening skills only has value when we, each of us, takes that accountability onto ourselves.

An intention to listen strikes me as the greatest contribution any of us can bring to the process that we are engaged in together. Through the ability to communicate the power to handle the challenges that we encounter is heightened tremendously. And when that communication is blocked, less than open, or defensive, then even simple challenges that we face become serious problems.

A willingness to open oneself to learning and to communicate in a learning mode can distill the highest intelligence, whether in our work or with our families, as communities and nations.

And it is also the thing over which we have the most control.

Listening is an act of intent

‘Create a Beautiful World’

The Dragon

You had contact with it once. The protean energy, universal Ki, the divine force, was your original ‘imaginary’ playmate. We all start out as unformed potential. Children originally show an infinite creativity. Gradually we are weaned from the realm of unformed potential and bound to our culture’s accepted description of the world. Without realizing it, based on a description we absorb and repeat to ourselves, we lose touch with what is going on in our own experience. We act in a culturally prescribed manner and lose touch with our authenticity. We disconnect from the creative force. In the hurry of life we tend to forget there is a source let alone a process to reconnect.

No one is intentionally closed-minded. It happens unconsciously when we hold ourselves captive to our beliefs. All the struggles in the world are projections of the inner struggles we face. We absorb beliefs and generate descriptions and then, out of fear, we are forever condemned to defend them. The forces of creation are ineffable, yet people fight over the fact that they describe their experience of the divine differently.

Many do not know we are in this world to live in harmony.

Those who know this, 
do not fight against each other.

Those who do not know this, suffer.

Gautama Buddha

Rumi said, “Everyone who is calm and sensible is insane!”

When everyone around us supports our perception, how likely is it that we will look at how we have assembled the meaning we are living from? If we were taught the world is flat and everyone around us says it is, why should we question it? If everyone around us fights for resources or the opportunity to speak why should we think anything else would work? If everyone around us lives in contention and we are the only one suggesting another option, who looks crazy?

excerpted from –  The Thalamic Discourses –

Harmony in Creativity, Energy and Human Brain Function: The Thalamic Discourses

“Everyone who is calm and sensible is insane!”


Poetry, Water & Dark Matter

This from a friend. What do you think?


This is a poem, …well to me it is. The rhyme is something you will have to discover yourself.

Water is a miracle. Consider first that it arrived on Earth a molecule at a time, delivered by fragments of asteroids and comets over billions of years, until there was enough of it to be what we experience now as oceans, and rivers and lakes and rain and clouds and the fog on the mirror in your bathroom when you come out of a hot shower.

We take it for granted but without it, we and most everything else would not be around. Science tells us our bodies are about 70 percent water. Keep that in mind.

When you look around at your world, you see living things and stuff, but you don’t usually think you are seeing mostly water. In that way, we might consider it the invisible part of all we see.

Until quite recently, science held a view of the Universe that comes from our intuitive observations of explosions. That is, stuff flies outward from the center of the explosion at great speed and eventually slows down and stops moving. Science thought the Universe and all its stuff did the same. The accepted view was that eventually all the galaxies and other stuff in the Universe would keep expanding while the rate of expansion became slower and slower until at some point it would stop. But then they decided to test that with measurements.

What they found was shocking.

First they found that all the stuff they could see, both with visible light and invisible light did not account for the movements and behaviors of galaxies. So they came up with the idea that there must be more matter than can be seen. They called this Dark Matter. That helped explain a bit more of what was being observed.

But then they measured the rate of expansion, expecting to discover how much it was slowing down, and expecting to predict when exactly it would stop.

Shocking again: It is not slowing down. In fact it is going faster and faster.

And, this could only mean one thing. There has to be some previously unimagined force that is the fuel or power for this increasing rate of expansion.

They named this, Dark Energy. It can’t be seen, nor otherwise detected, hence the name Dark. But it is everywhere, ever present and just doing ‘it’s thing’. It is only ‘noticed’ by the effect it produces.

And when they ‘do the math’ to calculate how much Dark Energy there must be to power the expansion of all the visible and invisible matter, it turns out to be about 70 percent of the Universe.

Does that rhyme for you? It does for me.