Extraordinary Listening
Create a beautiful world
- Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei, Founder of Aikido

The Power of Extraordinary Listening

For Leaders & Teams

Extraordinary Listening dramatically improves the quality of human interaction. For a team that listens well innovation and competitive edge go off the chart. As we move beyond the information age, success will not be determined by what you know but rather by how fast you learn. Our listening must be better than good, it must be extraordinary. Extraordinary Listening is the shortest distance between information and effective action.

On a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars, two executives found themselves unable to work together. Similar to the collision of two opposing weather systems creating the perfect storm, their reactivity was threatening the completion of the project to the point where the CEO directed them to work with me. After learning the priciples of Extraordinary Listening they were able to work together effectively completing the project ahead of schedule.

Extraordinary Listening incisively distills the art of communication into simple techniques that change the tone of conversation. Participants gain the ability to apply the skills effectively and immediately. Return on investment is exceedingly high for the time spent and compounds into the future.

Richard is an Extraordinary coach with an inspired unique process.
Jim Dixon, former President, Nextel

The Problem: Poor Communication

Misunderstanding * Wasted Effort * Defensiveness * Frustration

The ability to communicate both internally and externally directly impacts the bottom line.
Analytical and decision-making effectiveness, critical to success in the marketplace,
diminishes when people lack the skills to listen effectively.

The quality of communication is pivitol to the effectiveness of any team, yet we accept misunderstanding and interpersonal tension as almost inevitable. That's the real problem!

The Solution: The Skills of 'Extraordinary Listening

The Power of Extraordinary Listening transforms reactivity and static into innovative communication and creativity. One simple principle and a set of three skills taught in a relaxed, engaging atmosphere will generate a new dimension of listening.

The Result: Creativity - Synergy - Productivity - Effectiveness

  • Lead your field
  • Maximize information flow and contribution
  • Implement ideas quickly
  • Reduce turnover
  • Create an extraordinary future

The Business of Listening: Conversations with CEO's who have used the Listening work

Your skills as a teacher are extraordinary. A major contribution to the success that Nextel enjoys today. Your teaching enabled us to accelerate the development of world class teams and operate at a level of trust that made us the leading team in the company. In the early days I was skeptical that your contribution would be as permanent as it has been.
John W. Combs,  CEO  InternetConnect, former President Nextel, Southwest Area

Client List

ExtraordinaryListening.com has provided personal coaching to CEOs and executive teams, as well as leadership and team development, strategic dialogue and sales development for organizations including:

Nextel, Chevron, Cellular One San Francisco, McCaw Cellular Communications, Internet Connect, Lawrence Livermore Research Laboratories, Apple Computer, Tandem Computer, Motorola, Intel Corporation, Monsanto, Scandinavian Air Systems, NTT, Shoretel, Hyatt Hotels and Whalen & Company International.

Extraordinary Listening: the most essential skill in communication.

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